About us

Parties, venue closures and general buffoonery since 2011.

The Dalen Light guys have been merrily doing their thing for a while now
and developed a bit of a reputation along the way. Simply put, they know
how to party and know how to do it well.

With a keen eye for fresh, interesting and unique venues they’ve taken
over the likes of Brezza (RIP), The Vine (RIP), Bar23 (RIP), The Lions
Lair (RIP), Affinity (RIP), Harrisons, Bar27, The Riverside, Melt, and

Not content with holding their own free parties, they’ve also donned their
proverbial pinny and played host to official pre-parties for likes of
Cargo (RIP), De-Bug (RIP), Collect, Delve Deeper and Seminal and played as
guests at the likes of Distrikt Bar, Leeds and House Proud, Peterborough.
In addition to all this madness, they’ve fronted their own club nights at
Fez and DLS with guest DJs such Mic Newman, Detroit Swindle, James Welsh,
Loz Goddard and Ian Pooley, to name but a few.

When they’re not busy plotting their next wing ding, they tend to have
their heads in creating the monthly Dalen Light Download, which is out on
Soundcloud, Mixcloud and Youtube and showcases the music they love, be it
Funk, Disco, House, Techno or some other obscure sub-genre.

Between them they also have tracks released on i! Records, Love Not Money,
Something Else, Deep Hype Sounds,

And while most of us can’t even think about what we need to do tomorrow,
Dalen Light are already ahead with more events planned for the coming year
and future productions in the pipeline.
One thing’s for sure, these guys certainly have their disco finger well and truly ready.

mixcloud-icon 1417730977_Twitter-32 1417731077_Google_-32 1417731140_Facebook-32 1417731187_YouTube-32 1417730893_SoundCloud-128 1417731240_Intsagram-32 ra_ico_rd


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